Italian football under the snow


A snowy winter for Italian football

While I’m writing these few rows a lot of football matches of every Italian league are being postponed because of the bad weather condition, especially the huge snow fallen almost everywhere.

Postpone football match could be something that can be understandable because of the bad weather, but then you could notice that in Germany or UK for example they did not stop to play football even if their winter are colder than our. So why we’re delaying most of our matches?

The reason is that our stadiums are very old and most of them are in very bad condition, the only exception is the newly built “Juventus Stadium”, and in theory the “Stadio Olimpico” in Rome, where however people go crazy with a very little amount of snow.

Why don’t the presidents of the football club build new stadiums or do them up?

Well the reason is clear, they don’t want to spend money.

In Italy all the Stadium are owned by the city councils, they rent them to the football clubs, with usually unfair rates or without being paid, and for this very reason they are not interested in spend money about something they don’t own. Even if this has not much sense, because they lost a lot of money hosting football matches in unfriendly structures; anyway that is what has happened until now.

At the moment they’re spilt into two fronts: the first the poor, are the ones who wants that the state should privatize all the stadiums (in Italian “privatize” means: sold it for free or below its market price); and the pioneers who wants to build stadium at their expense (in Italians that means: buy land where it’s forbidden to build and then try to push on the city councils to change the rules and allow them to make a huge amount of money from that land, usually a place dangerous for ecological or historic reasons).

With these two proud fronts you can understand why I am not very confident in the future of our loved game.


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