Odd & edds the last few days


In few words what has happened in Italy in the last 12 days:

  •  It’s taken place the San Remo Music Festival, someone won it, but who cares in 2012?
  • A man hurt himself falling from an electricity pole to protest against the construction of a railway between France and Italy. Only here you need to send the army, and to risk your life, to allow the construction of a railway!
  • The unions and the government have been fighting to change the regulation of the work. Nothing has changed, as usual.
  • In the Italian big brother one of the participant got himself out by climbing on a high wall and then falling on the ground because was drunk. He was thought to be the smartest one.
  • One well-known journalist Carlo Pellegatti, who works for Milan Channel, had insulted live and on air the Juventus’ coach Antonio Conte. It was very funny.
  • Silvio Berlusconi has not been convicted of bribery because the crime was prescribed. Nasa’ scientist are trying to work out how many times this has already happened in the past. They’re still trying.
  • Inter lost another couple of matches.
  • The Italian left published an announce to find a new reason to split itself, and to fight each other, because of since Berlusconi left they hadn’t enough to justify their own existence.

That’s all for today.

See you soon.


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