Congratulations Hesjedal!

Last Sunday for the first time a Canadian won the Giro d’Italia, one of the three main race lasting three weeks in the world.

We have to admit that it was also the most boring edition of the last ten, at least. very few courage, very few actions and a surprise winner.

On Tuesday Andy Shleck received the yellow jersey of the 2010 Tour de France, because Contador was disqualified, I hope that for a cyclist with a 10th place in a Tour like best placement it wouldn’t happen to him in the future. I’m not saying anything about drugs but in the modern cycling you can never tell.

Good luck and see you in the future tours.


Invasion: an alien has become our Prime Minister!!!


That’s the only rational explanation to his request for a stop to our football! Even of 2-3 years!

That’s unbelievable, someone in Italy, called for a radical change of attitude towards our main religion: the football. Oh my god.

Can I just say that I love that man (as a prime minister I mean)?

Anyway I think the only thing we got by stopping the football for 2 or 3 years would be a whole championship fixed because they would have the time to arrange all the matches, not just a dozen of them!

Others earthquakes in Italy

Everybody knows what is happening in Italy, many earthquakes are striking the places that have already been hit in the last weeks. There deaths and wounded, many people has lost their job and many other their home.

Many people are losing their aplomb too. One of these is our superrational minister of welfare Fornero, who said: “building shouldn’t fall down at every earthquake”. Furthermore one of the main magazine “L’Espresso” reports that in 1993, a couple of geologists said that there was a huge danger in those areas.

I think this is a bad attitude towards what’s happening, even if they are both right, what did we have to do? Evacuate every building that was not safe? In Italy? We have millions of buildings like those, and there is no way we could or can building other more modern to replace the old ones. Saying that we could have saved scores of lives just building better buildings are real like saying that if everyone of us had slept outside then we would have survived every catastrophe.

It’s just not realistic. In L’Aquila almost utterly devastated by an earthquake, even anti-sismic buildings fallen down, because the material that had been used were of poor quality. No-one can do anything on a big scale, we do not have neither the money nor the skills and the honesty.

Now our great political class is pushing to put off the military parade on the 2nd June, it’s hold to celebrate our republic, and to spend the money to help people struck by the earthquake, in theory it could be a nice idea, but the savings would amount at 10 millions. Yes, just 10 million, what they want to rebuild with 10 millions I cannot imagine, maybe 400 mt of a road, they need billions and want to waste 10 millions…as if all the expenses for the military parade were made and paid on the 2nd June, and we haven’t already spent part of that sum. This is the Italian way of do things, when L’Aquila had been struck by an earthquake, the Prime Minister Berlusconi moved the G8 meeting from Sardinia to the poor town, what happened? Billions wasted on Sardinia, millions wasted in L’Aquila, what has the population gained from it? Nothing, just paid for two locations instead of one. Great. This time they want to waste the millions we’ve already spent to give a tip to the Emilia population, something like¬†extinguish a fire through a bottle of water….

LOVEFiLm is going to open in Italy soon

The on line film subscription service, active in UK and Northern Europe, is going to open in Italy very soon. It is likely by the end of the year.

It is a company full owned by Amazon, and they sell DVDs and offer an on line player to directly see movies and series in streaming.

From my point of view it is also a mark of how well the business is running for Amazon since they have opened their shop here.

It is too soon to say if it will be a success, many attempt to promote on line video market have been done in Italy but no-one has seemed to have real success. Most of the game will be played on the facility of use of the service and by its price, not to mention the catalogue they will offer.


Chelsea vs Bayern, the first won but…

I’ve always been a great sympathizer of Chelsea, and I am a big fan of Drogba and Terry, so I’ve been very happy for their win at Champions Leagues’ final in Munich.

But, there is a but, for the good of the football is that a good news? I do not think so. Chelsea played with all their energy and with their hearth, but also with an astonishing budget, and most important with an awful loss at around 70 million of pounds, while the Bayern spent their 120 minutes pushing and making a money. They have made a profit for more than ten years in a row, not always so huge, but still a profit.

Many believe that Financial Fair Play will change that, but it is not exactly the truth, because if it principles are really fair, its applications are less fair, and let the clubs do a lot of tricks to avoid to balance their books quickly. In other words this inequality will continue in the coming years.

So if a part of me is happy for what a great club like Chelsea has achieved, another part of me think that with a balance book in the same condition maybe Chelsea wouldn’t even be in Champions.

Napoli won its first title in nearly 20 years

Last Sunday Napoli won its first title in a lot of time, when the got the last one Maradona was still playing in their team.

Anyway this post is not about that triumph but about Napoli’s coach Walter Mazzarri, a good trainer, a serious person, he gets to be not fired for 3 years in a row (nearly a miracle in Serie A) and got a trophy, the Coppa Italia, and made Napoli play great games in the last Champions League, being eliminated only the next champion Chelsea. But for my point of view this has not been being a great season.

Let me explain, Napoli has got some astonishing good players, Cavani an unusual forward but able to score even 30 goals a season, Hamsik a great offensive midfielder and the genius Lavezzi, a man who can invent anything when attacks. When you have those guys playing for your team I think you should do a lot more of what they did during the last season. Playing only on counter attack it’s not so bad if you are the weaker team on the pitch but those times are gone, Napoli is a top team right now, maybe it lacks of experience especially in Europe, but that is no so serious, the next years they will reduce the gap, so they must play like a big team, trying to make the game and win by playing better than the opponents.

It is time to become big, a Coppa Italia is not the end of the ambitions it is a start but they need to change coach to make the final step through the big teams of Europe.