Ubuntu 12.04

It’s almost a week since the new Ubuntu came out and I want to express my opinion about that. And it’s not a positive one.

Precise, not so sure...

I’m a Ubuntu user since 2007, I’ve always experienced some trouble, as almost anyone on Ubuntu, but nothing that google cannot solve in a couple of hours. Then came up Precise Pangolin, even Long Time Support…

In the last seven days I have had to install it at least three times, because my dual monitors and Nvidia graphic card make it freezing all the time.

It is so disappointing.

It’s the first time that I miss Windows, I have to admit it to my self. I spent hours (because I am a passionate not a technician) creating partitions, to have the chance to install every Ubuntu flower as soon as it was released without loosing my files. Actually this had to be the last one, because I have less spare time and I’d like a LTS edition for the next year at least. But it was not possible, what really disappointing me is that we’re talking of all hardware which is supposed to work with Ubuntu…

Anyway getting back to Windows is not a real option, the safety that Linux provide is too valuable for me and give a chance to open source still a good option for everyone in my opinion.


Edit: At the end I get Ubuntu working, with my Nvidia GT220 by uninstalling their driver and using the Nouveau driver (the one installed by default). Even the dual screen works, therefore when you plug in the second screen or you switch it on everything become black for 2-3 seconds and then everything works perfectly, on the whole this is a smaller problem than the preceding one,  and makes the system working. Anyway I had to install Ubuntu for the 4th time to make it running. Disappointing, fortunately everything now works!


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