Top 10 Fair Play Moments Italian Serie A 2011/12

Since the Serie A is almost gone, it’s time to sum it up and to choose the moments of pure fair play we are going to pass to the future generations of Italian football fans. Here they are:

Number 10.  Adriano Galliani, CEO of Ac Milan, in the looker room after the first half of Milan-Juventus screaming at Conte, Juventus coach, and Tagliavento, the referee, for a goal not validated.

Number 9. Napoli’s owner Aurelio De Laurentis leaving the place where was decided the schedule of the current Serie A, he started to scream and  to course at all the “Italian system”, whatever it means. The video as the following are in Italian but I thing it is worth watching all the same.

Number 8.  Zlatan Ibrahimovic gave us a real fair play present, insulting a journalist (a woman) with his natural class. Once the Milan’s flag were the Maldinis now we’ve got the Zlatans…

Number 7. An alleged fake picture on the website to support a ghost goal. The picture is supposed to be elaborated with a graphic program and to be a fake, it’s not sure, but it’s an evidence of the level of Italian main football league.

Number 6.The official commentator of Milan Channel insulted Juventus’ coach Conte live on TV. The audio is in Italian,but just keep in mind that “dickhead” seems the only words the commentator knows.

Number 5. Buffon who said “I didn’t notice the ball passing the line”. Of course you didn’t…(First his interview and then the goal).

Number 4. Udinese-Lazio who lost was almost out of the race for the next Champions League, someone in the audience whistled and Lazio players stopped running, not Pereyra from Udinese though…

Number 3. …Lazio immediately shown all their fair play…without any doubt: The match of the year.

Number 2. In a sunny afternoon Genoa supporters thought to make a nice present to the female audience and ordered to their players to take their shirt off. Obviously they did it.

[Just a note, this is not a simple football fact this is a summary of our country in 2012.]

Number 1. The fight between Fiorentina’s trainer Delio Rossi and one of his player Lijacic, it must win the first place because it’s something unheard of a fight like this:

That’s all for now, but I’m curious to see if the last matches will be able to offer something better than the previous special moments.


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