A dangerous path

The last election in Italy even if in a local scale and with only a small portion of the Italian population involved shown us a very dangerous future for our country.

I do not know whether from abroad it is clear enough. In most of the European countries that have faced really big troubles because of the economic crisis, that seems to be eternal and invincible, the population have shifted their political preferences through non main stream parties, most of them extremists (right more often but left too).

France and Greece are the last example, but we could talk about Netherlands, Hungary, Spain etcetera. In Italy the situation could seem different, but it is not. That’s why. The right parties have imploded on their corruption and on their failures in the economic policies, the centre struggle to gain ground, the left resists but in the number of their votes are always the same, voters seems to change parties within the same coalition, without leaving it. The far left and the far right do not gain anything from the crisis, it sounds good but in fact Italy shares the same political future of its neighbours.

The political movement “Movimento 5 stelle” (Five stars movement) has intercepted the protest and has got its votes multiplied by ten at least. At first it could appear like a smart on-line party, like The Piraten in Germany and in Northern Europe, but it is not. It is a mix of good willingness of Marie LePen, they always present themselves like democratic, liberal, honest and just-arrived-to-politics guys, but they are not; and a touch of populism like our old Northern League (almost ripped off after their internal scandals), or the populism of the Melanchon.

I do not want to become boring, but if you think that this is the real winner of this election and they could grown even more, our future is bugged at least as the French one, with their Front National. The Five Star Movement has some peculiar characteristics, they said to be democratic but their leader, who owns the website, the logo, and that is not elected, do not accept the contradictory, he just make proclaims, like an Assad, more than like a Western politician. They make their decision on-line, but if the leader disagree he can overruled them, of course without any discussion. Their first economic solution for the crisis is to get out of the Euro and cut half of our debts, the consequences? There is no discussion on this. I hope to have pointed out the dramatically dangerous side of an undemocratic party who got a strong increase in their power and sadly they’re getting more and more space on mass media, something unacceptable for someone who refuse the democratic praxis of the dialogue.


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