A new national character

The last of the Agnellis

Following that punishment for the scandal called “Calciopoli” which means: “football town or the town of football”, in Italy after another scandal at the beginning of ’90s called “Tangentopoli”, “the town of bribery”, every major scandal has been called somenthing-poli; they lost not only the Serie A but also two League titles won in the preceding years.

The first thing the new management of the company done after winning the last Scudetto was to said: “This is the 30th and not the 28th.”, which means they count two more titles even if the justice had rubbed them off from their history and handed them to another team (Inter FC).

More than a party it was a declaration of war. They didn’t spend their first moment as Italian champions making party, they’d preferred spend that moments arguing with other teams, other fans, the justice.

It could seem the caprice of some rich guys who lead a company, Mr Agnelli, or another special character of the Italian population that consists in not accepting a sentence even if all evidences are against us. I like to think to this new Italian attitude as a gift from the years of Berlusconism. Anyway, I do not think Mr Agnelli was fighting a war to win it, I think he was just trying to increase the loyalty of Juventus’ supporters, who were deeply hit by the sentence some years ago.

So playing that dirty game he is trying to use the “bunker tactic”, everyone is against us, the journalists, the judges, the other fans, or in other words if you are not one of us you are an enemy, to strengthen ties between the company and the fans. Of course it is working.

I cannot imagine that people of good willingness could think to win in court and get back the two titles and I think that a man wanted to ruin the celebration for their first title in years only because he thought someone had stolen two titles (when there are evidences that they were guilty), there must be something else. I think that else is a sad marketing operation, first you cry for an (alleged) injustice then you strengthen your fans around their pride, their membership and then you start increasing prices, selling more t-shirts and get you brand a step closer to a faith than to a mere commercial brand. And as a plus you make what is left of the Italian football a little more sad and dirt, congratulation Juventus.


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