The most important record of this edition of Italian Serie A



With the last week of Italian Serie A almost gone, one record shines upon every other, is the number of coaches fired, a mark of the national crisis someone could put it.

But we are talking of 17 (seventeen) coaches fired in just a championship and I’m sure if it wasn’t ending this Sunday they would be more.

A lot of people, journalists, fortune tellers, Prime Ministers, have tried to explain why so many of our trainers are fired every year; no-one has got a solution. Even looking at the standings doesn’t help. Let’s consider the Queen of all companies this year with three coaches fired (one of them twice…) Genoa, they’ve changed a lot and nevertheless they’re still playing to not be relegated tomorrow in Serie B. So why so many decide to fire a coach?

The main reason seems to be the lack or results but the most curious, and let’s me point out the true innovations of this season, is to have beat a player out (for reference see:

So if someone wanted to sum the season of Italian football up he could mention: the failure of Italian teams in the European cups (no-one reached the semi-finals), the nervous breakdown of Luis Enrique (a man who the only guilt was trying to play in a decent way), the new peaks reached by some of its most famous player (Ibrahimovic) in the good manner field, the first Scudetto of Juventus after their relegation (obviously immediately became a fight, as always) and at last our all time record of coaches fired.

And with an explosive couple to be called in the national team, Cassano and Ballottelli…see you in Euro 2012!


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