Honorary citizenship to Gilad Shalit


A very good news coming from Italy is that yesterday in Rome it was given the honorary citizenship to Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier who has been kidnapped by Hamas terrorist organization for many years.

Is a good news because the honour was awarded by a far right mayor (Alemanno), in a city with strong racism problems and strong fascism reminiscences, I do not want to mention the importance of strengthen ties with the Hebrew community here in Rome for a mayor with that background. Today I just want to congratulate with the city of Rome on having given this honour to a person who really deserve it.

Too many times and for too long, and sadly still now, we the Italians minimize our part in the Holocaust, even in our history text book it seems that Nazi do everything on their own, without our participation, or that it was extorting to a weak Mussolini by them. But history tells us that in other part of Europe government refused to cooperate in the deporting of Hebrews without facing consequences (see Denmark for example).

The truth is that we sent thousands of people dying only on a racist base, like the Nazis; I think that our country hasn’t thought enough on our responsibilities and guilts.

Therefore sometimes our official and unofficial position on Israel is unfair, luckily not this time.


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