A sudo European Union

Our common roots

Let me borrow a key word from the Linux (Ubuntu) world to express the need that we have in this time of history. We need to leave out all the populist, the fears, take our bravery in our hands and go forward to a new super state, a true integration between the nations that really want it.

The “sudo” user is the administrator, a super user, a person with all the powers, in this case I think a strong Union, with all the powers that a state needs to have, for example the USA, and with its huge economy would be able to stop the speculation on our economies, stop populism and all the risks that they carry with them, and start a new era for all Europeans, maybe for the world.

We need to join our debts, our “credits”,  our politics, our armies, our intelligences, our welfare, our educations, our health systems; everyone would have its space to integrate these fields, welfare for example, but we need a common base, so that we could not just feel citizens of a new state but we really became part of it.

We need to step on the gas of integration.


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