Who cares about Pescara’s comeback in Serie A?

Pescara is a medium town in the hearth of Italy, it doesn’t have a great football history, having played just 5 times in the Serie A until now. The company had failed in 2008 and then was rebuilt in a lower series. They’re nearly 20 years since their last appearance in the maximum championship. But last Sunday with their win at Genova against Sampdoria, they’ve reached it again.

I’m not a Pescara fan and I’m not a big passionate of lower Italian championship, but in Italy we have a coach who is more a faith than a man. His name is Zeman. He is a natural enemy of Juventus and its fans, because of he was the man who spoke about the illicit practices in that team when no-one was brave enough, about drugs abuse. He had paid for years that declaration, it was like a man with plague no-one would have hired him because of his powerful enemies, so he ended training in lower series.

But he is also the man who drove Foggia during the 90s to unbelievable targets, with team of unknown players.

And he is definitely the most offensive coach in Italy and maybe in the world (with Bielsa and Guardiola).

He allows young player to play, something unheard of, he always attacks, I can’t remember what was the match but in the 90s when he trained Foggia, during a match they were winning 4-0 at home, he made a substitution between a defender with another forward, he tied that match 4-4. But that has been the mentality for so many years.

He’s been seen as a guru for many Italians fan even if they do not support his team, because of his honesty, his attitude to attack and his spectacular way of playing football.

So even if Pescara is not a historical team or a great name, many Italians football fans celebrated its big achievement on the last Sunday.




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