Napoli won its first title in nearly 20 years

Last Sunday Napoli won its first title in a lot of time, when the got the last one Maradona was still playing in their team.

Anyway this post is not about that triumph but about Napoli’s coach Walter Mazzarri, a good trainer, a serious person, he gets to be not fired for 3 years in a row (nearly a miracle in Serie A) and got a trophy, the Coppa Italia, and made Napoli play great games in the last Champions League, being eliminated only the next champion Chelsea. But for my point of view this has not been being a great season.

Let me explain, Napoli has got some astonishing good players, Cavani an unusual forward but able to score even 30 goals a season, Hamsik a great offensive midfielder and the genius Lavezzi, a man who can invent anything when attacks. When you have those guys playing for your team I think you should do a lot more of what they did during the last season. Playing only on counter attack it’s not so bad if you are the weaker team on the pitch but those times are gone, Napoli is a top team right now, maybe it lacks of experience especially in Europe, but that is no so serious, the next years they will reduce the gap, so they must play like a big team, trying to make the game and win by playing better than the opponents.

It is time to become big, a Coppa Italia is not the end of the ambitions it is a start but they need to change coach to make the final step through the big teams of Europe.


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