Is there anything more Italian than this?

Like a national flag for me.


What does it remain of the Italian football?

Italian football: a matter of crime.

Another scandal, just after 6 years from the last one, and I’m only referring to the main scandal, because otherwise it would have been a long list of scandals.

Many football players, coaches, even some president sold games for money, or to do a favour to friends or to other team that eventually would have done something in exchange.

It’s a tradition in Italy to do not play the last games of a season if they have nothing to gain.

It’s also a tradition to be not so tough with someone found guilty, because next time that one could be yourself.

It’s also a tradition to promise no tolerance with the cheater, and eventually after five or more years you would find out that something more than tolerance will been used.

The president of the Italian federation was nominated after the scandal of the 2006, match fixing mainly from Juventus, but what changed? Has he done is job properly?

He should resign immediately, and all the people who will be found guilty should be banned for life from football, and the teams should be relegated to an inferior division. Will this happen? No, we will have to watch a poor show where few will pay and more will get by.

The Lazio captain Mauri just some weeks ago said to his fans: “No worry, everything is fine.”. Now he is in jail.

The Genoa player Sculli, the one who didn’t take off his shirt when the hooligans ordered it, avoided the jail only luckily, at that time everyone thought that he is a player with a great personality because he didn’t obey, but now we have found out that he didn’t do it because he is an accomplice.

Is anything left of the Italian football? Yes, two things: Zeman and the players like Farina and Pisacane (the two who called the authorities).