Antonio Conte, a ghost coach

Pretending even a headache

Antonio Conte has been recently convicted for the match fixing scandal, he has been sentenced to 10 months by the justice.

Let’s ignore if it is a right decision or not (and all of us know that it is), I’ve just discovered that when a coach is disqualified he can train all the same for the whole week, he just cannot sit on the bench when his team plays. That’s unbelievable.

I don’t know if in the rest of the world it’s the same, but from a logical point of view, I think, if you’re disqualified you’re disqualified! You can’t train all the week and pretend to just watch the match and then hurry to the toilet to speak with your vice during the game, it’s a non-sense.

But surprisingly enough that’s Italian football and it seems that Conte is going to train his team all the same. Is it a punishment? Can you call this a disqualification?


4 thoughts on “Antonio Conte, a ghost coach

  1. Hi there,

    it sounds a little weird to read this:

    “Let’s ignore if it is a right decision or not (and all of us now that it is)”

    what does it mean “all of us now”
    did you mean “know”?
    if yes, what proofs do you have and where did you find them?
    I understand that the main goal of a blog is to attract people and try to make money out of it, but I think it’s slightly unfair to point the finger against someone you just don’t know and write something about you are the one who doesn’t know.

    Read the papers, read the processes and not the newspapers.
    If a coach is banned, he can do the training sessions, it has happened again the the past, a coach from Cesena football club, who did the trainings to the team for three years without any chance to sit on the bench during the official matches.
    At that time, how do you explain that no one had any scoop to tell in front of the TV?

    So, if you have to disqualify the coach not because he’s guilty, but because he didn’t inform the federation about this supposed match fix, that you cannot call a “cheat”… then how come that the president of the Siena football club, the one that they suppose is the match fixer who wanted to lose the match … how come that he’s free and never in front of any judge?
    so, how come that they believe to various versions of the Carobbio’s tales? (As long as you know who’s Carrobbio)…..

    • Hi Ron,
      it was a mistake I’m going to fix it, thanks for reporting it.
      It’s easy to say that he’s guilty because the justice said so, there will be other trials for Conte but for what we know right now, he’s been found guilty.
      I absolutely don’t write this blog to make money but to practise my English, there are no ads on it and I don’t even use my name on it so there aren’t so many chances to earn something.
      Unfortunately a coach can trains his team, but this is not a trial about someone who hit a player or someone who smoke where is banned, that’s a trial that has showed to the world that Italian football is not different from a play. You have had a part in a match fixing then you have to be punished, and your team has to suffer something because otherwise this will happen again and again.
      You have to acknowledge that if a rule exists and it says that if you know about a match fixing, you are bound to tell this to the authority and if you don’t do it, well you’re guilty. These rules exist before the scandal everyone knows them, it’s easy to complain about them only when they touch you, but if you thought that they were unfair you should have protested before you had been involved.
      Siena’s president has been acquitted, for now.
      Carrobbio is the only test that justice believes 100%.
      Bear in mind that Italian justice (I mean the real justice, not the one of football) is unbelievably slow, but there are at least 4 judges from 4 cities investigating on match fixing, they haven’t shared every proofs that is in their hands and they haven’t shared every name involved, if I were in Conte, Siena’s president and many other I wouldn’t dream happily…
      Just one other thing if you are a fan of Italian football you have to be with me, we need to clean this environment, we need to start again….

  2. I partially agree on what you say.
    To explain your actual country’s situation in one word, I would say “MEDIA”

    The media in Italy are the power, they give power to their masters.
    About soccer, or better, italian football, you can see that teams who don’t have any relationships with the media they struggle and they are very often under pressure.
    If you ask any question about the Doping scandal, Calciopoli scandal, calcio scomesse scandal, you will find out that even juventus supporters could admit that juventus was guilty.
    Especially if you ask the ones who doesn’t have any basic internet skills to navigate and browse the law’s verdict but they only have in mind what the italian media put in their minds.
    The latest italian cup in China reflects in a bright way how the italian media impact italian minds.
    The match was a fight for Napoli and the ones who could see the whole match cannot deny that two red cards has been a grace for the azzurri.
    Beside the clear or unclear penalty given to bianconeri, the italian media attacked the juventus and they define it “a shame”, rocking huge titles like “buffon eyeblinked the ref” or “REF 4 NAPOLI 2”
    How do you explain that?
    How do you explain that the italian newspapers can forecast exactly days in advance what the FIGC is going to say about scomessopoli?
    Sorry for you, but the truth is that the italian clubs during the era did a lot of market transfer without having the money, Plusvalencias.
    They used to buy fake players and exchange each other just to cheat the balance.
    The italian organization responsible to check these financial stuff found this dirty.
    The italian hero Guido Rossi, the one who chase away Moggi to clean up the italian calcio, few months before calciopoli scandal saved Milan and Inter from the plusvalencias, and they could pay off for free their millions of debts. Just a reminder, for the same reason other teams payed in the past being relegated in 3rd or 4th division, f.e. fiorentina and napoli just to name a couple.
    In those years, the italian teams (especially Inter) had brought a lot of players payed over their real value, but also they could afford top players in italian serie A making it probably the most interesting league in europe.
    Since the game is over, the money is not enough to pay the football stars and year by year the serie a has lost its fashion.
    It’s very hard to think they can raise up the reputation especially if they keep fighting each other on the newspapers.
    The only way to fight against the master of the figc is to ignore the media and collect by yourself the events you want to know.

    • We have some very serious problems, that’s a fact, for example the two that you’ve mentioned, the fights on the newspapers and the mismanagement of the balance sheets.
      For the first one I don’t think that we can do anything at the moment and in the coming years, things like respect for the others and fair play or just marketing is something unusual in Italy, what’s more the Italian journalists the ones that write about football are something that we should be ashamed of…they never ask something that could be interesting or challenging for the president, or the manager they’re interviewing at the moment, never, they always ask what the other want. I think that there is also the willingness to keep the loyalty of the fans at a very high level, something like “if you are not one of us you are against us” by the management of the clubs.
      For the financial scandal that you mentioned you have to remember that the presidents of Italian football clubs are very powerful men, some are politicians…other are members of the richest families of the country, very few people at the time of the scandal went off believed that something would have happened for this reason.
      The federation is a lame duck, its role is to make rules being respected by a bunch of crazy rich presidents who put the money that make the ball running, if you behave too bad with them you could risk that they stop putting money…and moreover the president of the federation is not exactly a man with a strong personality…

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