New season? Same shit…

Italian football has never been an example in the art of curbing racism from its supporters, but what it’s really impressive is that things are getting worse and worse.

Yesterday in a match for the Coppa Italia (Italian Cup, something similar to the FA Cup), there was a horrible episode, Varese’ supporters, when I write supporters you can read: a bunch of idiots, insulted their own player Giulio Ebagua only because he is not a white man. The forward scored a goal and then went in front of the supporters to sent them to fuck themselves. Then they left the stadium. What happened next? Well, Varese won, unfortunately, his owner wrote a delirious public message on their website, which said: “[…]the guy reacted to repeated and discriminatory choruses for him and his race” (his race? He’s Italian, are they chanting against Italy?) and then “[…]in a situation like this there isn’t any winner but three losers: the fans, Ebagua and the sport”. What? I’ve just made a try and I count just two losers: the president and its fans.

It seems more a math issue than a football one, but that’s typical of Italian football, racism episode are so much that you cannot count it, if you are a player and you want to play here you have to shut up and keep on playing, you’re not allowed to stand up and say: “enough!”. We have even developed a dialectic for these situations, in this case a president or the general manager or someone else should always says: “There are just few supporters the rest of them condemned the racists” or “They were not real football fans” and stupid things like that.
Even the media are getting used to this situation and no-one seems to want to stop that, not to mention the federation.

Ebagua soon after had to apologize to the fans and the city for his behave, while the club hasn’t thought necessary to apologize to him for its supporters. There will be any sanctions against the president, the club, the stadium, the fans? Of course not, this is Italian football.


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