Countdown has already begun for Allegri

Tough times if you work for AC Milan

That’s my forecast, Massimiliano Allegri AC Milan coach has his work cut out, with a transfer market that has changed his team from a good one to a mediocre one, to say the least, he has the impossible duty to compete for the title, or at least to fight for the 3rd place without be fired before the end of the season.

After the first match (0-1 for Sampdoria, a team just promoted from the Serie B), we could even point out what is his deadline, not the end of the season, not Christmas, not the end of the first half of the championship, but the 7th October, when the first derby will take place, by then AC Milan should be in the very first positions or the result of the derby will be crucial. For instance if Allegri’s team will make just another 2 wins, 2 ties and 1 defeat, with a calendar not exactly tough the match against Internazionale will decide his destiny. A defeat will be probably his last match and he will act as a scapegoat for the bad start, maybe for the whole season, a win could just make him gain a little more time, but I strongly doubt that Allegri will be the AC Milan coach in the next may.


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