Regional elections in Sicily, 2012

A few consideration about what’s has happened in Sicily during the last election to decide who will rule the almost bankrupt isle. An astonishing amount of people hasn’t gone to vote, only 47% of who has the right to do it has gone, this is significant because in 2008 they were the 66%, for the same kind of election.

The leftist coalition is claiming the victory with just the 31% of votes granted, we’re talking of a very relative victory, we must admit that their candidate Mr Crocetta is a highly respectable person with a personal history of mafia-cleanliness, if you know what I mean. The media are talking about the great victory of the populist M5S too with 18% (click here whether you’d like to know who they are), this is a great performance, but in my opinion the most interesting fact is that if the right parties had gone united to this election they would have get 40% of votes and would have won the election (again). But they didn’t; they have been divided into two groups, the first one is the official one and has taken around 25%, the second one, or the rebel one, has taken only 15% of the votes.

To draw a conclusion a lot of noise for nothing, what the leftist are calling an historical victory is just luck; the crisis, the technical government, the extreme populism of M5S, the last Berlusconi’s crazy declarations, have only brought marginal effect on the typical political scene of the Southern Isle, where specific interests seem always to prevail on the collective good.


Ubuntu Unity how to force windows placement

Hi, I’ve always experienced problems when I upgrade my pc, I have a dual monitor system and I’m using NVidia driver manually installed because otherwise my Ubuntu (12.04 & 12.10) doesn’t work. Randomly every window that I open puts itself wherever it wants, on the main monitor, on the second one, at the middle, full screen, etc. So I have to configure Compiz manually.

For a start:
sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

Then open it via the dash, just write “Compiz”, then look up for the plugin called: “Place Windows”, the following one is its icon:

Then leave “workarounds” selected, but change “Placement Mode” personally I set “Cascade”, then at the last row of the general tab write in the void space:

In the next tab “Placing a window to a fixed position” or something like that, select “new” in “Windows with fixed position”, write “any” and insert as value 100 for x and 100 for y.

That’s it. Press Alt+F2 then write compiz –replace

Everything should works.


Yes, they were 7…

What I really like of United States and in general of “Northern countries” is that when the media show to everyone that you cheated or that you lied or made something wrong, as in the Armstrong scandal, even if you swear to be absolutely innocent they punish you. You have to pay something to the public opinion, it’s a matter of morality that simply cannot be imported here in Italy, we have scam, fraud and everything else bad as no-one in this world, but you could always say: “I’m innocent, it was a pot” and you could not resign and even carry on as if nothing has never happened and someone will trust you. Unbelievable.

How to make Insync works in Ubuntu 12.04 and Gnome Shell 3.4

At least I decided to exploit Insync to use my Google space online, I haven’t done it before because there wasn’t a gnome shell extension, that is now provided, but it lacks of instructions and on other website I follow they are very general, so this morning I spent half an hour for something that takes only 5 minutes, that’s what you should do to make it works and to make the extension to appear on the right and to work properly.

1. First of all download the main package from their website, this is the download page:, or whether you prefer it this is the direct link:, this is the version for 32 bit machine, and I know they write that is the version for LinuxMint and Fedora but works on Ubuntu too; if you need the 64 bit version click here.

2. Then download but do not install the “GnomeShell Javascript Applet” (for both version) because it doesn’t work, so right-click on it when you have downloaded it and select open as an archive, then enter the folders (usr\share\gnome-shell\extensions\) until you see the one called “” extract it to /.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions (local is a hidden folder so you need to press Ctrl+H when you are in the home directory to see it)

3. Search for the Gnome Tweak Tool on the applications, and then switch on the button on Insync, it should appear on the right near the weather extension or so

4. (optional) I was running the extension called:  “Places Status Indicator by gcampax “, it’s just a shortcut for some folders on your pc, but it sopped to work when I switched on the Insync one, anyway I started using the “All-in-one Places by jofer” and the problem was solved, and to be honest the latter extension is far better than the older one. So if you have the same problem just change extension.