Viktor Orban has spoken against the boycott of Euro 2012

…what a surprise for such a liberal and democratic man…and Blatter has agreed with him. Should I add anything else?


Prandelli says let me modernize Italian National Football team…

Italian coach, the same old story

…and he has just started hiring his son as a athletic trainer of the national team. That’s a revolution in Italy hiring a relative as a collaborator, isn’t that?

Boycott Euro 2012!!!


I don’t think one can export democracy or rights anywhere in the world, both come from the inhabitants of a country, if they are ready, if a lot of things go in the same direction at the end democracy and human rights could (not have to) spring up.

Hence I don’t believe we can force Ukraine to be more democratic or at least more human with its prisoners, notably the most famous prisoner former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. But we can do a lot to freed her!

If  the main European countries boycott Euro 2012 we can send a message everywhere in the world, we in Europe do not tolerate those abuses!

I really hope they will go forward, we will not change the country, but we can save a life, and I don’t think this is a bad achievement.

Anyway if someone wanted to be a little bit polemical could wonder why such an important event was assigned to a country that was not so different years ago…