10 things you have to do to be happy

1. Find a wife or a husband (that’s not a personal thing it’s about biology, we need someone to share our life with, you cannot avoid it, whether you like it or not, and even most important that’s great!).

2. Have babies (they’re great, funny, full of love but they’re the most difficult thing to “do”, but as for the point 1, it’s biology, you just make them and you’ll be happy).

3. Don’t be evil (not like Google, but just don’t spend your time annoying the others, focus on yourself and your family, there is nothing else important).

4. Give yourself the right priorities (1. Family, 2. Job, 3. Everything else).

5. Never exceed with your personal workload (you’re not invincible).

6. Be ambitious and never give up to fight for you and your family.

7. Always ask what someone who is not you and your family really wants from you (everyone has a scope).

8. Do not do things because the others do them.

9. Do not try to impose your will on the others and do not allow others to impose their will on you (without breaking the law…:-)).

10. Give to yourself your own rules, do not let someone else impose them instead of you (as in the present decalogue).