Regional elections in Sicily, 2012

A few consideration about what’s has happened in Sicily during the last election to decide who will rule the almost bankrupt isle. An astonishing amount of people hasn’t gone to vote, only 47% of who has the right to do it has gone, this is significant because in 2008 they were the 66%, for the same kind of election.

The leftist coalition is claiming the victory with just the 31% of votes granted, we’re talking of a very relative victory, we must admit that their candidate Mr Crocetta is a highly respectable person with a personal history of mafia-cleanliness, if you know what I mean. The media are talking about the great victory of the populist M5S too with 18% (click here whether you’d like to know who they are), this is a great performance, but in my opinion the most interesting fact is that if the right parties had gone united to this election they would have get 40% of votes and would have won the election (again). But they didn’t; they have been divided into two groups, the first one is the official one and has taken around 25%, the second one, or the rebel one, has taken only 15% of the votes.

To draw a conclusion a lot of noise for nothing, what the leftist are calling an historical victory is just luck; the crisis, the technical government, the extreme populism of M5S, the last Berlusconi’s crazy declarations, have only brought marginal effect on the typical political scene of the Southern Isle, where specific interests seem always to prevail on the collective good.


About file leaked

It’s news of these days that a blogger has published on the a supposed leaked file about the possible war between Israel an Iran, they even called it a plan.

For who haven’t read it it’s a supposed plan to persuade ministers and officials who are not in favour of the war. I don’t want to discuss the authenticity of the document, which I deeply doubt, but the fact that it has been leaked to stop a war against Iran, in a contest where the aim is to promote Israeli democracy (that’s the subheading of the blog).

You could be against the war for thousands of reasons, I respect that, anyone has the right to think what he likes, but what about democracy?

When you are part of a democracy and you elect your MPs you put them in charge of all the issues that laws allow, the same with militaries, they are experts in their fields and even if they are not elected they are under the control of elected organs.  I think that you can campaign against them, you can hate them, you can change your mind, but I think that if you’re a real pro-democracy person you should accept the rules of democracy.

One of them says that you have to respect the majority even if you don’t like its decisions, you can oppose them by using the means of the democracy. You cannot leak a file that it’s supposed to be critical for national security, because this is not democratic, and not because it’s important for the security itself but because in a democratic context you cannot use sabotage to reach your aims, you have to accept that you are not in charge of that problem and fight for your believes in another way. That’s something really bully and at the same time hypocrite, you don’t like what the majority likes and so you decide to put your opinion above all the others hiding yourself behind the freedom of speech, but democracy is not anarchy, there are rules that you have to follow, otherwise how could you tell yourself apart from a dictator?



PS. I strongly believe that is a fake antagonist blog of Israel, I think that the author is a source of propaganda, there are too many things that are simply too hypocrite to be genuine. Anyway the fact that someone could be a credible source of news using as subheading of his website “Promoting Israeli democracy” and then leaking a file supposed to be reserved is something that has stroke me.


Not deep enough.

5 Stars. 1 Leader.

Today the BBC website has posted an article “Parma testing ground for people politics in Italy” by Alan Johnston about the rise of the “Five stars” movement in Italy (you can read it by clicking here), especially in Parma where they’ve won the last election. Parma is an important town with more than 180,000 inhabitants and home of multinationals like Barilla and Parmalat (now owned by French company Lactalis).

I really love BBC news website, it’s my favourite source of online news  (with Euronews), but this time I think they haven’t gone deep enough in that story. “Five stars” movement is something new only from a single point of view: they founded the movement online, that’s all about their new policies.

Apart from every bias or political orientation, their ideology is something that exist everywhere, it’s populism, and that’s could even be acceptable, their opinion on citizenship, their crazy economics theories (exit the euro and cut the debt by half, a debt that is for the most part in Italian hands and that a decision like this will make our economy collapse in 15 minutes or so, but that’s another story), their opinions on immigrants, on military decision, that’s all the same load of waffle that populists bandy around throughout Europe, they could call themselves “New dawn”, “Front Nationale” or “Five stars movement” it’s the same old story. In fact if the journalist would have gone deeper he could even notice that their attack to the mainstream parties are exactly the same as the ones Berlusconi made in mid 90s and that Northern League has done since its foundation.

If you think about the “Five stars” movement like the “Pirate party” because they are always talking about democracy, internet and similar, you’re wrong. The “Pirate party” is characterized by a strong democracy in its own structure while the “Five star” movement has only got an appearance of democracy, but dramatically lack of it in important matters.

That’s the point. What really disappoint me about this article, but there are dozens similar, is that to underline the news or the fact that they’re an online movement they forget to talk about what they really are, a movement where the leader cannot be changed. Because he is not officially the leader is a kind of mythological figure, that cannot be elected and cannot be removed. There is no chance of that on the very vague statue of the movement and there is no way to do it because he and one of his friends own the website, hearth of the movement. It’s like that boy who when we were young carry the ball and for this reason wanted to impose its rules, and if you wanted to play you had to accept that. We are talking of a totally undemocratic movement, it’s something that even a Lukashenko would be ashamed of. If you think that technically, also Berlusconi could be expelled from its own party and the same is true for the Northern League, you can understand what’s the point, and the danger, of this movement, lurk from the eyes of people with a good willingness but with not enough critical spirit, with a dictatorial structure they push populism to a dangerous level. It’s already happened that the supreme leader, the former comedian Beppe Grillo, overruled what its party members had decided online, with only the use of his power, that I repeat, can not be challenged in any way.

That’s the problem, there are no news in undemocratic movement that push its way during a crisis period in Europe, BBC should make Europe aware of the risks.

From my Italian point of view the “Five stars” movement its the biggest challenge to our stability as a democracy.

Invasion: an alien has become our Prime Minister!!!


That’s the only rational explanation to his request for a stop to our football! Even of 2-3 years!

That’s unbelievable, someone in Italy, called for a radical change of attitude towards our main religion: the football. Oh my god.

Can I just say that I love that man (as a prime minister I mean)?

Anyway I think the only thing we got by stopping the football for 2 or 3 years would be a whole championship fixed because they would have the time to arrange all the matches, not just a dozen of them!

Others earthquakes in Italy

Everybody knows what is happening in Italy, many earthquakes are striking the places that have already been hit in the last weeks. There deaths and wounded, many people has lost their job and many other their home.

Many people are losing their aplomb too. One of these is our superrational minister of welfare Fornero, who said: “building shouldn’t fall down at every earthquake”. Furthermore one of the main magazine “L’Espresso” reports that in 1993, a couple of geologists said that there was a huge danger in those areas.

I think this is a bad attitude towards what’s happening, even if they are both right, what did we have to do? Evacuate every building that was not safe? In Italy? We have millions of buildings like those, and there is no way we could or can building other more modern to replace the old ones. Saying that we could have saved scores of lives just building better buildings are real like saying that if everyone of us had slept outside then we would have survived every catastrophe.

It’s just not realistic. In L’Aquila almost utterly devastated by an earthquake, even anti-sismic buildings fallen down, because the material that had been used were of poor quality. No-one can do anything on a big scale, we do not have neither the money nor the skills and the honesty.

Now our great political class is pushing to put off the military parade on the 2nd June, it’s hold to celebrate our republic, and to spend the money to help people struck by the earthquake, in theory it could be a nice idea, but the savings would amount at 10 millions. Yes, just 10 million, what they want to rebuild with 10 millions I cannot imagine, maybe 400 mt of a road, they need billions and want to waste 10 millions…as if all the expenses for the military parade were made and paid on the 2nd June, and we haven’t already spent part of that sum. This is the Italian way of do things, when L’Aquila had been struck by an earthquake, the Prime Minister Berlusconi moved the G8 meeting from Sardinia to the poor town, what happened? Billions wasted on Sardinia, millions wasted in L’Aquila, what has the population gained from it? Nothing, just paid for two locations instead of one. Great. This time they want to waste the millions we’ve already spent to give a tip to the Emilia population, something like extinguish a fire through a bottle of water….

Tough times for Italy

A very difficult period is what Italy and Italians are facing right now, in the last weeks, we’ve seen a manager of an Italian company Ansaldo Nucleare shoot in his legs; a crazy and unheard of attack to a school; a powerful earthquake in Northern Italy and a small attack in Liguria against a polling station; and a great series of people who killed themselves because of the economic crisis.

I do not think there is or there will be a new wave of terrorism like the one we got in 70s, by then there was a strong ideology, there was the Cold War, there was a climate of violence often made up by the State itself. At the moment Italy is a different country, with less ideology, where people who kill in the name of them (anarchists, communists, etc.) are outcasts, criminals and I think not to healthy mentally. Perhaps there would be other attacks in the future but not an organized escalation like in the past.

The earthquake it’s a terrible reality for all of us who live in the Peninsula, it’s our Sword of Damocles, I think most of the population has at least once in their life experienced an earthquake, it’s difficult to describe, it depends on many things, but for sure you feel utterly confused and scared, you could start running or you could freeze. Anyway it is a tragedy with no proper solution, plenty of Italians live in homes with scores of years (me too) and with no, or few measures against earthquakes, not to mention our historical buildings. It’s very sad but it’s a tragedy we cannot stop.

The crisis is pushing a lot of people to kill themselves, throwing families into pieces and leaving a feelings of no hope to the community. It is sad but I think it’s our fault, we have driven the country to a nearly bankruptcy and now the world has brought to us the bill. Nevertheless what Hollande, Obama and everyone else say if you spent only what you get you wouldn’t have any problem.

Someone else tried to use the dramatic and crazy attack of Brindisi, at a school, like a clue of their previsions, talking about the danger that the crisis and the austerity have brought in the society, before there was any evidence to explain the reasons of it. Only shame for those jackals of the politics.