In Apulia they like transparency

Today when we plan a journey abroad the main source of information cannot be other than Internet, where you can find information about everything. So I suppose that every tourist interested in visit the Southern region of Apulia can easily become aware that a certain level of micro criminality is spread almost everywhere. I’m not telling it’s a dangerous place, but there are a number of crimes against the tourists.

A nice initiative of the police and other local authority was to print a small leaflet with some advice about personal security and what to do if you are victim of a crime.

You can find it here:

But the Region asked to retire it and to destroy it because it gives a bad image of Apulia. In 2012 they still think that the opinion of a tourist is made by a leaflet born to help him. In 2012 they still think to be able to hide the problem of a tourist destination by throwing it out. So they are not denying the problem or saying they exaggerate the span of it, they said: do not tell anyone it exists; and what’s more they’re assuming that Internet doesn’t exist. Good for them.