Carlos Tevez vs Our Patience

Hard Times for Tevez (and our patience)

Good afternoon dear followers,

in these days in Italy everyone of us is swimming through the fancy stories of the transfer market of football players.

One of them this year has caught the main spot in the dreams of every professional football team of the peninsula: Carlos Tevez.

This really skillful player from Argentina, 3 times South American best player, plenty of goals scored around the world, is now the most desirable of all.

But like every Italian could tell you, this story is now become unbearable, since the last November every Italian sport media has written something about him. Everyday. Tevez is going to be a Juventus player, no sorry, a Inter player, sorry again this time for sure he’s going to be bought by Milan, or not?

Now with just 24 hours left to the end of the period in which one football team can sign new players, the story doesn’t want to stop running.

Enough is enough.

Tevez is a good player but he is not one of the world’s top 10, moreover he is completely unreliable like everyone could have noticed from the famous story of the Allianz Arena and the following row with Manchester City; and in the end he seems an ex football player, he’s got really heavier during these months without playing a single match, and he can’t play in Champions League.
So even if someone can find enough money (people say from 24-34 million of euros) to buy him and pay him a monthly salary of around 8-11 million of euros, they would buy a fat guy that would need at least 2 or 3 months just for run like everyone else.

This seems to be not so important for the top management of the Italian football teams, especially for AC Milan.