Yes, they were 7…

What I really like of United States and in general of “Northern countries” is that when the media show to everyone that you cheated or that you lied or made something wrong, as in the Armstrong scandal, even if you swear to be absolutely innocent they punish you. You have to pay something to the public opinion, it’s a matter of morality that simply cannot be imported here in Italy, we have scam, fraud and everything else bad as no-one in this world, but you could always say: “I’m innocent, it was a pot” and you could not resign and even carry on as if nothing has never happened and someone will trust you. Unbelievable.


Congratulations Hesjedal!

Last Sunday for the first time a Canadian won the Giro d’Italia, one of the three main race lasting three weeks in the world.

We have to admit that it was also the most boring edition of the last ten, at least. very few courage, very few actions and a surprise winner.

On Tuesday Andy Shleck received the yellow jersey of the 2010 Tour de France, because Contador was disqualified, I hope that for a cyclist with a 10th place in a Tour like best placement it wouldn’t happen to him in the future. I’m not saying anything about drugs but in the modern cycling you can never tell.

Good luck and see you in the future tours.