Viktor Orban has spoken against the boycott of Euro 2012

…what a surprise for such a liberal and democratic man…and Blatter has agreed with him. Should I add anything else?


European Union needs stronger ties

For many this still represent the hope

Good afternoon followers,

today I just want to talk about the European Union, a huge institution that I really like. I’m definitely a pro-Europe, I want to be clear.

What I have to read in these days are for me very bad news, the European Union behaves and seems like the host of communis and regional state that filled the history of our peninsula during the Medieval and beyond in the Modern era.

Those were been a multitude of cities, governs, region, and their combination, in which our peninsula was divided for ages. With the obvious result to have a lot of small state unable to stop every stranger power who wanted to get a slice of the Italian pie. They were simply unable to coalize each other, or even to find a way to fight together, too much keen on their particular problem and too less able to see the entire situation of world (in those days it meant: Europe).

Now I think we’re living in a similar situation, our countries are unwilling and unable to see the entire situation of the world (in these days it means: the world…) so it’s certainly sure that we have lots of problems, especially with debts, jobs and economic growth, but a thing is for sure we cannot handle it alone. We need to build a stronger European Union, to involve every state with good will in the building of Europe, and we need more than economics to lead the discussion, let start to build Europeans other than European economy only.

Unfortunately what we have today are poor politicians, with even poor ideas, unable to think over the next election and unable to take unpopular decision.

So I’m afraid we will have to face a summit every couple of weeks where a prominent leader will announce: “We get the solution!” (for the next couple of weeks)