About richardsilverstein.com file leaked

It’s news of these days that a blogger has published on the richardsilverstein.com a supposed leaked file about the possible war between Israel an Iran, they even called it a plan.

For who haven’t read it it’s a supposed plan to persuade ministers and officials who are not in favour of the war. I don’t want to discuss the authenticity of the document, which I deeply doubt, but the fact that it has been leaked to stop a war against Iran, in a contest where the aim is to promote Israeli democracy (that’s the subheading of the blog).

You could be against the war for thousands of reasons, I respect that, anyone has the right to think what he likes, but what about democracy?

When you are part of a democracy and you elect your MPs you put them in charge of all the issues that laws allow, the same with militaries, they are experts in their fields and even if they are not elected they are under the control of elected organs.  I think that you can campaign against them, you can hate them, you can change your mind, but I think that if you’re a real pro-democracy person you should accept the rules of democracy.

One of them says that you have to respect the majority even if you don’t like its decisions, you can oppose them by using the means of the democracy. You cannot leak a file that it’s supposed to be critical for national security, because this is not democratic, and not because it’s important for the security itself but because in a democratic context you cannot use sabotage to reach your aims, you have to accept that you are not in charge of that problem and fight for your believes in another way. That’s something really bully and at the same time hypocrite, you don’t like what the majority likes and so you decide to put your opinion above all the others hiding yourself behind the freedom of speech, but democracy is not anarchy, there are rules that you have to follow, otherwise how could you tell yourself apart from a dictator?



PS. I strongly believe that richardsilverstain.com is a fake antagonist blog of Israel, I think that the author is a source of propaganda, there are too many things that are simply too hypocrite to be genuine. Anyway the fact that someone could be a credible source of news using as subheading of his website “Promoting Israeli democracy” and then leaking a file supposed to be reserved is something that has stroke me.



Honorary citizenship to Gilad Shalit


A very good news coming from Italy is that yesterday in Rome it was given the honorary citizenship to Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier who has been kidnapped by Hamas terrorist organization for many years.

Is a good news because the honour was awarded by a far right mayor (Alemanno), in a city with strong racism problems and strong fascism reminiscences, I do not want to mention the importance of strengthen ties with the Hebrew community here in Rome for a mayor with that background. Today I just want to congratulate with the city of Rome on having given this honour to a person who really deserve it.

Too many times and for too long, and sadly still now, we the Italians minimize our part in the Holocaust, even in our history text book it seems that Nazi do everything on their own, without our participation, or that it was extorting to a weak Mussolini by them. But history tells us that in other part of Europe government refused to cooperate in the deporting of Hebrews without facing consequences (see Denmark for example).

The truth is that we sent thousands of people dying only on a racist base, like the Nazis; I think that our country hasn’t thought enough on our responsibilities and guilts.

Therefore sometimes our official and unofficial position on Israel is unfair, luckily not this time.