It’s Champions League’s time for Italian teams

Road to Monaco

Today 15th February in an icy Italy Ac Milan is the first Italian football team to play the round of 16 in the Uefa Champions League.

When more than one month ago the management of Italian teams find out which teams they will have to beat to reach the round of 8, almost everyone was satisfied. Ac Milan and Napoli made a good first part of the competition, and they would have met two English team which were facing a bad season Arsenal and Chelsea. Inter was trying to save its season and drew Olympique Marseille, not exactly the strongest team in Europe.

But sometimes things change, especially in football. Today we can look at Napoli and Inter that are playing very badly and that have achived almost nothing this season and Ac Milan, which is leading the Serie A but with two more games than Juventus, in big trouble because this season it has been unable to win a single match with main opponents. They played quite well against Barçelona, but they got a defeat and a draw, and very badly with Inter, and especially with Juventus, even with Udinese, which is third in the league but not exactly a main team, they played not so well.

Moreover they have a lot of players injured, and some internal problems, they said Berlusconi is not so happy with its coach, Ibrahimovic feels too much pressure when has to play important matches, Pato is always in infirmary and in the end the team is the oldest of Europe.

I think the last data is the most important of all, in the last years Ac Milan was always defeated by English team, usually younger than them and that run a lot more than the Rossoneri.

Arsenal meanwhile has shown some improvements and a great Van Persie, one of the strongest player of Europe at the moment.

If I had to make a forecast I would say: 50% of chance for Ac Milan to pass and 50% Arsenal. For this evening match I would say 2-2.

For the other teams I write something the next week.