Uefa Champions League – Match day 1 – Italian teams short analysis and Europa League

De Jong

First of all none of my forecasts came true, but that’s something very usual, here in Italy we aren’t in a different position in confront of the last year tournament, a prestigious achievement (Chelsea-Juventus 2-2) has been described from the Italian press as the most valuable result of all times, they just drew and journalist are describing it like a victory.

That’s the new level of the Italian football, last year when AC Milan didn’t lose with Barça it was seen like a victory too, now and then all our media are talking of these teams as real pretenders for the final. Let’s be honest for a moment, just the fact that you’re describing a draw like a victory is something weird. What’s more in my opinion what we saw yesterday is that Juventus plays really well, but lacks of a true forward, with a champion to line up in its attack perhaps yesterday’s match could have been a victory. The attack will be a problem in the coming matches, this is my point of view, but anyway Juventus made a great match for what it can. By the way astonishing goal of Oscar, the second one is a masterpiece.

On the contrary AC Milan performed really badly, a 0-0 against Anderlecht at home is something to be ashamed of. Allegri is now seen as a lame duck, but Italy Herald had already revealed when he is having is last and definite chance to not be fired (the 7th October, click here to read). I thing the reasons of this situations lay in either the club and the manager, the second one used a lot of players in the wrong position (Emanuelson, Boateng) without a clear reason, and moreover let Boateng playing without exploit the fantasy of Bojan, why? I think because the former Roma’s player was bought without is opinion, and now he’s just another salary to pay with very few chances to play. With all the respect for the players, if you put on the pitch Flamini-De Jong-Nocerino in the middle, left Bojan and El Sharawy on the bench and put Emanuelson behind Pazzini (not Drogba, Pazzini…) how many successful passages did you expect? How many chances to score? Allegri has lost the pulse of the situation…The club has its own responsibilities, because has made up a team without a clear idea, not too young, not too old, with the same high expectation (too high) and buying players just for their low prices, instead of buying them basing on their skills (someone a little bit more talented in the middle, even if not a champion could have been useful).

That’s it for now. This evening starts the first true phase of the Europa League, unusually with big expectations from the Italian clubs, at least is what they’ve said, anyway for Lazio a really tough match against Tottenham, but they’re really focused and excited after the great start in the Serie A and VIllas-Boas could be another key advantage for Lazio this evening…Napoli, let me say it honestly, should easily win, too wide the difference between the two clubs, even if Mazzarri decides to use only substitutes. Udinese is facing a negative period, and I thing that unless a miracle this evening they should aim to draw, because in my opinion they’ll lose otherwise.


Brotherhood (Italian version)

Still smiling

Just 3 matches and for AC Cesena it’s already time to fire its manager, 3 defeats in a row, the last one for 1-4 and the first coach of the Italian Serie B has been fired, nothing special actually, last year we had cases where managers were fired even before the start of the championship. But this time is different, the manager of AC Cesena was Nicola Campedelli, a young inexperienced coach (he doesn’t own the licence to train at this level) that has as his most important talent to be the brother of the owner of the club, Igor Campedelli. Unfortunately for him the need of sacking managers is so strong in Italy that even brotherhood cannot save you from being fired…I don’t dare to imagine what will happen at the next Christmas lunch with all the family reunited under the same roof…That’s Italian football when you think you have already seen and heard everything something else come out.

Antonio Conte, a ghost coach

Pretending even a headache

Antonio Conte has been recently convicted for the match fixing scandal, he has been sentenced to 10 months by the justice.

Let’s ignore if it is a right decision or not (and all of us know that it is), I’ve just discovered that when a coach is disqualified he can train all the same for the whole week, he just cannot sit on the bench when his team plays. That’s unbelievable.

I don’t know if in the rest of the world it’s the same, but from a logical point of view, I think, if you’re disqualified you’re disqualified! You can’t train all the week and pretend to just watch the match and then hurry to the toilet to speak with your vice during the game, it’s a non-sense.

But surprisingly enough that’s Italian football and it seems that Conte is going to train his team all the same. Is it a punishment? Can you call this a disqualification?

Napoli-Juventus, a touch of class in Beijing

Welcome back Italian football!

Hello everybody, it’s been a while since I last wrote something, but you know the summer…

Anyway if you lacked Italian football during this months you should be now happy for the recent Italian “Supercoppa” which Juventus won on extra time in Beijing yesterday (4-2).

As usual it couldn’t go smooth, so in June both team fought because the first one didn’t want to play so far, while the second one wanted to open new markets and increase the prestige of Napoli abroad. When they eventually got there first Napoli tried to spy Juventus’ training, then Antonio Conte was disqualified for the next ten months because of the match fixing scandal, and in the edn when they went on the pitch they managed to get 3 red cards and then they didn’t go to the award ceremony…

Welcome back Italian football!