Italian Sportspersons ask Government to support the Olympic Bid

The important thing is to participate.

Good evening dear followers,

it’s a today news that the most famous Italian sportsperson are pushing on Mr Monti, the Italian prime minister, to hurry up in make official the government support for the Rome Olympic bid to host the 2020 summer games.

In the past few days the President of the Italian Olympic committee did the same, as wells as other well-know personalities.

It could be a normal behaviour to push on the government to support the Olympic bid…it could be…but if you thought that the deadline for the government decision is the next 14th of February, or in other words just in 7 days. Days not years.

Why all these appeals to hurry the Government to support the Olympic bid?

If you thought that as the Rome Committee said that all the games would cost to the Italian State: zero euro (yes 0, nada, niente, niet, null), because the revenues and the private investors would repay most of the investment, and that Mr Monti is known to be a prominent economist, a person completely honest, why do you push so hard on it?

If the Olympic Games are a good deal he will sign for sure. If…

And if you thought that Mr Petrucci our chief of the Italian Olympic committee is in his last term of office and wants to leave a mark of his years as chief, and if you thought that the typical Italian sportsperson is almost illiterate and could sign something just with a “X” mark, you could understand because I’m so sceptical about the Olympic bid and especially its cost for the Italian people who are already paying for the mistakes of our past politicians.