Italian brain drain can’t be stopped

Here is the proof, when dozens of governments and dozens of ideas and projects have been put in place, as well as tax benefits and everything we have been able to think, there is always something that goes wrong and stops our best guys to come back to their mother land.

This is the exemplary story of Renzo Bossi, a young Italian brain, who got his degree abroad, in Albania, he managed to get it without even went to that country, that’s a proof of its value rather than the contrary like his enemies sustained, abroad they really know how to recognize a true talent. Here in our poor country, he had to take the final exam of the high school four times before pass it; and just a year later he got his degree, he was so smart that the Albanian University enrolled him before he got his high school diploma.

Now judges and even Albanian police want to question him because the degree could be a fake…well I have to admit I am a loss for words…when our country at last managed to get back an Italian brain that is what happened…

We’re all here for you Renzo “Il trota” (the trout), don’t give up! Hold on for all the people who are in your situation!



The Italian party Northern League offered to pay the legal assistance to a man who kept many employees in hostage at a tax office in Italy, because he said “he cannot afford to pay taxes”.

Even if the tax collection in Italy is become something really near the extortion and is completely unfair; if someone kept in hostage someone else no-one could think to agreed with him. This is crazy and a little bit criminal. This is Italy in 2012.