No to Rome 2020 is a fact!!!

"We can be heroes just for one day"

Today is a great day for Italy and Italians, our PM Mr. Monti has decided to not guarantee with public money the crazy project to host the Olympic Games in the 2020.

This is not a typical Italian complains about modernity or everything different from the existent, this time is different, I told you before, and I wasn’t alone, that this adventure would be a disaster in a period when we have no money to spend.

In Italy usually who speaks louder at the end would be right. Not this time.

Few people and few journalist has spent words to make Italians aware of the danger we could meet (corruption, wasting of money, destruction of archaeological and historical heritage, etc), but between them I’d like to mention two people who I deeply respect: Pietro Mennea (former gold medal at Moscow Olympics 1980) and Fabrizio Gatti (our best reporter).

From a rational point of view the whole decision and history couldn’t go in a different way. The Olympic project was ridiculous, they spoke about private money, they spoke about do not spend more than established, and they try to make the Olympics game seem a good bargain, when they are just the best way to waste our money, these are arguments that only in Italy could work.

But this time, for the first time, it does not work.

To stop another 10 billion euros wasting of money, in a country which has faced since the last summer cuts for over 60 billion euros, we needed to appoint a technical Government, while all the MPs supported the Olympic bid from all the main party. Luckily they failed.