PSG, money can’t buy everything


For example it cannot buy coherence, I have just read another boring declaration of a leftist intellectual and European MP who says that he really hopes PSG will fail to reach its targets. The name is not important, there are dozens or so statesman like this every week, what I want to know is: does it make sense criticise PSG for its wealthy using a ideological bias?

I don’t thing so. For a start a reach owner that invest a lot of money in a struggling economy should always been referred to showing respect, they’re are creating wealth, jobs and paying loads of taxes. The good aspect of football is that when a club make the lucky strike to lure a wealthy investor, that doesn’t create troubles to other clubs. Since Manchester City has been bought by the new owners, Manchester United hasn’t gone bankrupt, in fact it earns even more than in the past; and often other owners are pushed to spend more thus improving the league, the show and creating a good effect on economy in general (jobs, taxes, investment, etc.).

I understand that there is an issue with the result on the pitch when a so rich team face competitors so much poorer, but from an ideologically and economic point of view it simply doesn’t make sense.