Ubuntu Unity how to force windows placement

Hi, I’ve always experienced problems when I upgrade my pc, I have a dual monitor system and I’m using NVidia driver manually installed because otherwise my Ubuntu (12.04 & 12.10) doesn’t work. Randomly every window that I open puts itself wherever it wants, on the main monitor, on the second one, at the middle, full screen, etc. So I have to configure Compiz manually.

For a start:
sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

Then open it via the dash, just write “Compiz”, then look up for the plugin called: “Place Windows”, the following one is its icon:

Then leave “workarounds” selected, but change “Placement Mode” personally I set “Cascade”, then at the last row of the general tab write in the void space:

In the next tab “Placing a window to a fixed position” or something like that, select “new” in “Windows with fixed position”, write “any” and insert as value 100 for x and 100 for y.

That’s it. Press Alt+F2 then write compiz –replace

Everything should works.